Paying Your Rent

All monthly rents must be paid by the first day of every month.

Security / Damage Deposit

A damage deposit is required when signing the lease. This is paid to the Office of the Rentalsman in the province of New Brunswick and held until the tenant moves out. If upon inspection of the unit there is no claim to be made for repairs, or if there is no rent owning, the money is returned to the tenant from the Office of the Rentalsman.

How to Pay

For your convenience, all rents will be paid by automatic debit. Should a banking transaction be returned due to insufficient funds, closed account, etc., there will be a service charge equal to your banking fees. If your initial banking information changes, it will be the responsibility of the tenant to notify the property manager immediately.

Download the Pre-Authorized Debit form by clicking HERE.

Rent Increases

Rents will be reviewed on a periodical basis. Three months prior notice will be given for any rent increase.


There will be no subletting of apartments.

Renewing of Lease

Leases will be renewed two months prior to termination of your existing lease.

Terminating a Lease by Landlord: Notice and Timing

In accordance with the New Brunswick Rentalsman Act:

In New Brunswick, the end of a fixed term is a valid reason to terminate the tenancy. No notice is required to terminate a lease if it ends on a specific date; a lease for a fixed term ends automatically at the end of the term. (To end a year to year lease, three month’s notice prior to the anniversary date is required). For the landlord to terminate a long-term tenancy (5 or more years), a reason is needed for the tenancy to be terminated.   A landlord may also terminate for “cause” which would include such things as:

  • rental arrears
  • conduct concerns
  • damage to the property
  • safety matters

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