Policies and Regulations

Tenancy Agreement

Prior to moving in you will be required to sign a lease/tenancy agreement. Our Property Manager will review the terms of the tenancy agreement with you and answer any of your questions.

Move In Inspection

When you pick up your keys, our superintendent will do an inspection of your new home with you. Any problems with the unit will be written down on the inspection report and you will receive a copy of the report to keep for your own records. An inspection will also take place when you move out of the unit. This way we can keep track of the condition of the unit.

Locks and Keys

You will receive keys and an access control card to gain access to the building as well as your apartment and mail box. If you lose any of your keys or access cards, we must charge a nominal fee for replacement.

Changing or adjusting locks is not permitted.


Parking is available in our heated underground parking garage. Contact our office to make arrangements if you require parking and a spot will be registered and assigned.


Vimy Estates maintains a NO SMOKING POLICY. There shall be no smoking anywhere in the building or its environs. (I.E. Patio, grounds)


Vimy Estates maintains a NO PETS POLICY.


Each tenant shall respect the other tenants, by keeping radio, stereo and television sounds at a

respectable limit at all times.

Cable TV, Telephone, Internet

Please contact your Vimy Estates representative before calling your cable, telephone or internet provider. Ask us about our 6 month free service in partnership with Rogers.


Each apartment has at least one telephone jack. You must call your local phone provider to hook up your own telephone service. There will be a charge from them for hook up. Your telephone is connected to the lobby door entry system but will need to be coded so please advise the office of your new number.


Patios shall not be used for storage. No barbeques are permitted on balconies or patios. No clotheslines shall be allowed on balconies. No mops, brooms, dusters, rugs or bedding shall be shaken or beaten from any window, door, or balcony. Tenants are not to throw any items from windows, doors, or balconies. No awnings shall be allowed on balconies or patios, and only seasonal furniture shall be allowed. No satellite dishes will be permitted.

Christmas Trees

No real Christmas trees or wreaths are permitted due to fire hazard. Artificial trees are encouraged.


No wallpaper, wallpaper borders, or mactac is permitted. Loose shelf paper is acceptable in drawers or on shelves. Any painting by tenants must first be approved by the Property Manager.   Please use small finishing nails for hanging pictures. Avoid using large nails or any tape.

Rugs and Carpets

Floor coverings such as carpets or rugs are discouraged due to safety concerns, and must never be attached to the floor.


It is your responsibility to keep the inside of your home (and patio) clean and safe. It is Vimy Estates’s responsibility to maintain the building and grounds and keep it clean, safe and secure.

Please do not use rough cleansers such as powdered cleansers (eg.Comet, Ajax)on bathtubs, toilets, showers, sinks or counter tops, as they will scratch. Please use appropriate cleansers. If you’re not sure, ask us what we would recommend.

Please do not put products such as food waste into sinks or toilets. We hope to have a composting program initiated.

Garbage, Composting and Recycling

In an effort to make Vimy Estates a “green building”, we strongly encourage our tenants to recycle. In regards to composting, it is our hope that something will be set up in the near future. Please bring your garbage to the garbage chute using appropriate size bags until removal. Please tie garbage bags securely and be careful when carrying them through the hallways.

Social Rooms and Community Room

The common room in Vimy Estates is for the use and enjoyment of tenants, such as: card games, pot luck suppers, social gatherings, etc.  No auction or garage type sales shall be held on the property without prior approval from the Board of Directors.

Laundry Room

There will be a laundry room located centrally on each floor. The machines will be activated using a refillable laundry card that we will provide. Laundry cards can be refilled at the 1st floor loading station.


For all maintenance requests, other than emergencies, please see the superintendent or leave a paper request in the slot of the electrical room’s door. There is no charge for repairs due to normal wear and tear, however any damage to the appliances or the apartment will be charged to you.

Annual Inspections and Notice of Entry

Routine maintenance is scheduled every six months and we will inspect all our units each year to prepare for any maintenance in our annual maintenance budget. We will send out written notices of an inspection schedule before coming into your unit. We shall give you at least 24 hours notice if we are coming to do repairs or an inspection, unless it is an emergency situation.


Vimy Estates is not responsible for your personal property. Our insurance covers our property only. Vimy Estates is only responsible for damage to your personal property if it is proven to be caused by negligence on our part. It is strongly recommended that you get tenant’s contents insurance to protect your belongings against theft, fire or other damage and liability.

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