Fire and Safety

Fire Safety

Avoid storing flammable materials in your home. Dispose of your old newspapers – they become a fire hazard if you let them accumulate. If something burns while you are cooking – please do not open the door to the main corridor.


Make sure you know the fire safety plan in your building. The fire safety plan tells you the best way to get out of the building if there is a fire. The plan is located by the front entryway. Make sure you know where the fire alarms are at each exit. If you hear the fire alarm, follow the safety plan included in your Resident Handbook immediately. Never assume it is a false alarm.

Exiting the Building in an Emergency

When the fire alarm system is activated, lock your unit door, take your key, and exit the building. If you encounter smoke – keep low to the ground. If the fire is in your unit – leave your unit taking everyone with you. Pull the fire alarm and yell “fire” as you leave the building. Call the fire department when you are safe.

If You Need Assistance to Leave the Building

Vimy Estates, in conjunction with the local fire department, encourage tenants to provide   information to fire fighters about who in the building would need assistance to exit because of mobility problems and who might have a medical condition which could increase their need for assistance, for example use of oxygen. If you think you fall into this category, please advise the Saint John Fire Department (Saint John Fire and Safety Leister St. Station: (506) 658-2910).


If You Cannot Leave Your Unit

If you are in your apartment and there is smoke in the corridor or your door is hot, Do Not Open Your Door. Leave your door unlocked and signal for help by waving a towel out the window.

You can slow down the infiltration of smoke into your unit this way:

  1. soak towels and a bed sheet in the bathtub;
  2. cover the whole door and the doorframe with the wet sheet. The sheet will adhere to the door;
  3. place the wet towel across the bottom of the door;
Smoke Detectors

Your home has a smoke detector. Please do not disconnect it. Our staff will check the detectors from time to time to make sure they work properly.

Fire Alarm Testing

Testing of the fire alarm system and the emergency lights throughout the building happens once every 6 months to a year and takes about an hour. During that time there will be intermittent ringing of the alarm system.

In case of fire, call 911 immediately.

For More Information About Our Fire and Safety Regulations